Friday, August 12, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Maid

Maid: Season 1, Episode 3 “Sea Glass” (B+)

It’s fascinating to see how both Alex and Sean’s mothers treat them, and how that informs the way that they are with each other and with Maddy. Andie MacDowell is of course Margaret Qualley’s real-life mother, which makes her performance even more impressive given that it’s surely not the same relationship that the two of them have in real life. She’s so completely out of touch with how Alex lives, dismissing her claim of financial abuse by him taking her credit card as something that she should have been grateful for because he was taking care of paying her bills. Her failure to fill out the form for her wasn’t a surprise given how preoccupied she was with bringing her sculpture to a gallery owner who definitely wasn’t interested, and she shifted immediately into a caring mode to make sure her mother could recover from that very unfortunate development. Basil refusing to pay for the burgers and the beers since Alex should have been appreciative of their help with her move was cruel, and he obviously didn’t believe that Alex was truly in such a desperate state. After she went to take care of Sean, things ended up on a much more optimistic note, with Sean relinquishing his claim for sole custody and underlining how he did need to be a part of Maddy’s life. That doesn’t resolve everything and there surely will be issues, but after all Alex has done and endured to get to this point, this is a very important step.

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