Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Round Two: The Patient

The Patient; Season 1, Episode 2 “Alan Learns to Meditate” (B)

I was surprised to learn that this show’s episodes are only about twenty minutes long, and even though we got two episodes right off the bat, it still means there’s not a lot of content each week. The focus is also very sharply on just the two protagonists, even though some others are seen and referenced. I’m particularly intrigued by how Alan relates to his religious son Ezra, played by Andrew Leeds from “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” and I’d like to see more of that relationship. We also know that he exists in Alan’s present, and that their dynamic is fractured in the wake of Beth’s death. Sam being a food inspector is such an interesting part of his personality, and he doesn’t seem happy that Alan can’t appreciate the cuisine he brings home for him. Alan has been making astute observations about the efforts Sam made to control himself which led to him initiating contact so that he could try to get treatment to curb his urges. While Alan is imagining stabbing his captor, he seems more set on an intellectual victory over him, asking for a pen and paper that Sam could guarantee wouldn’t be usable as a weapon. Shouting out when he heard footsteps will likely be seen as a breach of Sam’s trust - not that Alan is a willing participant in this arrangement - but I’m just curious to see who it is that is aware that Sam is using the basement and maybe doesn’t mind that he has someone trapped down there.

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