Saturday, August 13, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Maid

Maid: Season 1, Episode 7 “String Cheese” (B+)

This episode offered the most compelling explanation yet of why many people in abusive situations don’t leave, digging into the complex nature of abusers who show up in the strongest ways at certain moments and then completely devastate at others. Alex was intent on differentiating that she and Sean were not a “we” as he insisted that Paula was Maddy’s grandmother and therefore his problem, and he was there completely for Paula, playing into her delusional state in a way that Alex refuses to so that she would feel comfortable talking to him. When he wasn’t the one being upset, he was able to be who she needed, and, despite Nate very nicely putting his feelings out there, she ultimately chose to give in and have sex with Sean, since he reminded her so much of the best parts of their relationship. This was a superb showcase for Andie MacDowell, who unfortunately didn’t get nominated for an Emmy but showed the range of her skills in this episode as Paula finally saw how Basil was not only taking advantage of her and stealing her money but also putting on a fake accent to complete the deception. Earlier on in the episode, there was another harsh reality check in the form of Alex’s elation at having made fifty dollars in cash and seeing how all that money evaporated instantly when she remembered the different bills she had to pay and she ended up negative before she even got to her car.

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