Saturday, August 27, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 1, Episode 2 “Light Bulb” (B)

I enjoyed this pilot when it premiered last December, and now I’m realizing that part of the reason I didn’t keep watching was because episode two didn’t debut for a full month after that. Now that the show has been warmly greeted by Emmy voters with four acting nominations and a Best Comedy Series bid, I figured it was well past time to catch up. I was a big fan of Quinta Brunson’s work on “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail,” and it’s great to know that she’s the major player behind the scenes here too. This episode was all about how Janine just wants to get things done and not feel like she has to wait forever for someone else to step in and fix it, and that’s what made Gregory’s quick action to take care of something right away all the more endearing. It’s especially jarring when compared with Tariq, who has absolutely no consideration for any of Janine’s needs, like her desire to eat before ten or her concern with taking care of the budget. I like that Barbara stepped in to help Gregory when he didn’t know how to confront the mother who was consistently bringing her child to school late, but of course then he ended up with two women driving him crazy and him having no idea how to react. Ava certainly has a presence, one that is hardly the ideal way of managing people and is certainly going to lead to frustration for all the teachers at the school.

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