Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Round Two: House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince” (B+)

If there was any question about how tethered to the original show this one was supposed to be, the opening credits with the same music confirms that it’s not meant to be taken as something different. There’s still plenty of infighting within the Targaryen family alone, and unions between houses constantly threaten to shift allegiances and lead to tremendous bloodshed. It’s understandable that Viserys would have trouble focusing on what’s important after the devastating loss of his wife and child, and his choice to marry Alicent rather than the other options presented, namely the one put forward by Corlys, is sure to anger just about everyone. I’m intrigued by that development specifically because it puts her into a position of power, and I’m excited to see Olivia Cooke take on that role once the show presumably advances forward a few years. That move has, however, upset Corlys to the point of considering aligning with Daemon, which is significant and threatens to undo the delicate balance of things. Though she’s not respected because she’s a woman, Rhaenyra took a bold step by flying in on her dragon to diffuse things between Otto and Daemon, and she also had a pretty intense confrontation with Rhaenys, who has a different perspective on her established place in society. Criston’s role is becoming more prominent, but I imagine that him being recognized in heated situations means that he’s not long for this world since he’ll soon become the target of those looking to make the reigning Targaryens hurt.

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