Monday, August 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 3, Episode 4 “Little Steps” (B+)

I love when Nikki and Jason have to try to prove that they know something very well or are particularly good at a skill that they don’t have. They always overcompensate, and it was fun to watch Jason indicate that Nkki that she was being overenthusiastic and citing statistics that weren’t relevant to the conversation. Asking their case worker Noah if his grandmother was okay after he had just said that she died wasn’t a great start, but Jason’s inappropriate ringtone going off for what felt like forever was much worse. Penny getting a promotion is good for her but not as much for Nikki and Jason since Noah isn’t nearly as warm or encouraging, but they at least do appear to be doing okay aside from the whole invested-money thing that Nikki doesn’t know about and Jason doesn’t know how bad it’s actually done. Nikki was understandably a bit thrown off by Karen’s news - as she herself was - and it wasn’t a surprise that Scott didn’t even bother to let her share it before noting that his blog might be picked up and therefore he was ready to quit a job he had just started. She did a great job of rallying the kids and saving the day at the party that Nikki and Jason hadn’t quite fully thought out, and it was fun to see her go take out some aggression on Scott that turned into a very sweet miming reveal of her pregnancy that it took him a minute to get. It looks like he’s already driving her crazy, but at least she’ll have his enthusiastic support. I also liked the episode-ending shout-out happy birthday message on the radio.

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