Sunday, August 21, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Dopesick

Dopesick: Season 1, Episode 4 “Pseudo-Addiction” (B+)

For every step of this process where it seems like something should have been properly addressed, there’s an absurd and horrifying development that makes it clear that the exact opposite was done. The concept of “pseudo-addiction” basically just negated the idea that addiction could be a thing, and encouraging doctors to prescribe more medication when people were already using it seems like the most irresponsible thing possible. Paula spoke up and got fired because of it, and Billy didn’t seem too shaken but is likely going to reconsider his position after getting assaulted by a very much addicted and dopesick Samuel when he went to stop by. After confiscating and taking all of his patients’ pills, Samuel now knows how to access the entire twelve-hour supply of the drug, which is only going to keep him more addicted. Betsy saw her ex-girlfriend and her parents team up to confront her about her drug problem, but unfortunately she got targeted by a predatory dealer who has infiltrated what should have been a recovery space. Bridget isn’t making much progress with the FDA despite clearly illustrating that opioids should be only permitted for severe pain, and the biggest breakthrough in all this was the disturbing discovery that a study suggesting opioids are not addictive was actually just a five-sentence letter from the editor to a scientific journal taken out of context. That alone is extremely unsettling, and it’s scary to think in today’s world how a social media excerpt can also be cited as definitive proof of something rather than just one person’s potentially irrelevant opinion.

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