Monday, August 22, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Dopesick

Dopesick: Season 1, Episode 6 “Hammer the Abusers” (B+)

The phrase “hammer the abusers” indicates a clear desire to suppress any sort of evidence that there might be anything wrong with the drug itself, and it’s clear that the truth doesn’t matter at all when it comes at the expense of making a profit. Billy is starting to lose his patience with those who only want to celebrate how little work they’re doing to sell the drug as widely as possible, but it was the FDA approver who was full of immediate rage and ready to go in front of a grand jury right away when he heard that Purdue was distributing a scientific chart that they had explicitly told them they weren’t allowed to use. The Maine U.S. attorney seemed like he might really be gunning for Purdue, but that story had a disappointing ending. As she saw the end of her marriage looming because of her obsession with taking down Purdue, Bridget managed to overcome a handful of obstacles to figure out a way to really get to Purdue, though the timelines of this show suggests that she’s not going to be terribly successful. Emails that automatically delete after they’re read isn’t promising. Samuel’s resistance to rehab was understandable given that oxy addiction is a different beast than alcoholism, and the only positive about him relapsing as soon as he got out is that he was honest with Leah about it. Betsy’s recovery doesn’t appear to be going any better, despite her attempts to accept religion and the support of her parents.

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