Saturday, August 6, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Station Eleven

Station Eleven: Season 1, Episode 6 “Survival is Insufficient” (B+)

We’re now at a point where the events of the previous episode took us right to where we are now, albeit without certain important bits of context that will determine where the true threat really exists. It makes sense that Tyler would believe that those within the Severn City Airport, now known as the Museum of Civilization, were malicious entities who posed a threat to everyone inside. Yet he’s also hung up on a prophecy taken from a book written by his father’s first wife, and so it’s hard to know if anything he says can be believed. Brian’s explanation of the loss of his accent boiled down to being told that he left and not remembering any of it, so there’s still plenty of mystery there. The way this episode ended was intense and unoptimistic, and I’m glad to see that at least viewers weren’t left hanging with the seventh episode airing back-to-back with this one. In a world with no clear order, it’s hard to know which side you’re on, hence Kirsten stepping in to act swiftly when she saw that they were under attack and in the process protecting Tyler, also because she believes her friends, who appear to be quite comfortable, are in imminent danger. She’s obviously been well-trained, but the odds are not in her favor given how many people are surrounding her and that she was traveling otherwise with children. I’ve decided not to watch more than one episode of this show per day, but there’s definitely a temptation to continue watching right away without even that minimal wait.

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