Thursday, August 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Industry

Industry: Season 2, Episode 4 “There Are Some Women…” (B+)

It was jarring to see Eric at home and wandering through his garden to find cigarettes, but even his daughters agree that having him there is just okay. Not being the one to give his employees their lower bonuses stung, but he also got to see that he’s not appreciated nearly as much because there’s no room for even a brief exit from the cutthroat floor in this world (unless you bring in a major client like Jesse Bloom during that stint). Finding out that he was being demoted to a role that wouldn’t allow him to be on the floor was a brutal blow, and now he’s making problematic life decisions that he previously had known were off-limits. With Eric absent, Harper is making sure to watch her back from another predatory mentor, calling Jesse from the bathroom in the middle of the night after she slept with Danny to make sure her territory was appropriately marked. I enjoyed Yasmin and Harper talking together very honestly and how Harper just wasn’t having it, and Yasmin is starting to worry about the stability of where she is both professionally and personally. Harper seems to have punctured Robert’s confidence with Nicole by asserting that her client-trader relationship is a pattern, and pissing her off is a mistake he’s not going to want to make. In his new job, Gus is having to deal with some unhappy constituents, but, in a very different type of move than the one his former job might have encouraged, he took the time to actually listen to the angry, dung-carrying man’s concerns and let him know that they were being addressed.

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