Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: Industry

Industry: Season 2, Episode 3 “The Fool” (B+)

This show mostly features verbal assaults and metaphorical takedowns rather than physical violence, but Jesse shooting wildly and hitting Felim was a pretty direct attack with immediate repercussions. While Jesse is hardly the model of civility, Eric is the one who risks losing his best asset because of the way that he’s treating Harper. Responding to her assertion that she’s not a child by telling her that respectfully she is was condescending, and now it looks like she’s making her own moves that are going to leave Eric behind and make him angrier than ever. For someone who’s sleeping with Harper, Robert does seem to have plenty of thoughts about who she really is, and I appreciated that he and Yasmin had an honest conversation about what might have happened if they had just slept together and not simply played the games that dominated most of season one. After taking a backseat for most of this season so far, Gus is taking on a renewed focus and may have just found himself a great new job. While it’s all about relationships and the way that people present themselves, there’s also something to not acting the way that everyone expects and having more of a personality - and a soul - than has become the norm for people charged with making as much money as possible. It’s likely too late for this entire crowd, but Harper, Yasmin, and Robert definitely have something to offer that isn’t the same as those who supervise them and think that they’re well-versed in how to play the game.

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