Monday, August 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Loot

Loot: Season 1, Episode 9 “Cahoga Lake” (B+)

Nicholas does go to absurd lengths to prepare the perfect experience for Molly every day which she definitely doesn’t know has been so carefully calibrated and curated. Nicholas yelling at famous chef David Chang to do better was a particularly entertaining moment of that. The successful approval of the zoning project was cause for celebration on Sofia’s part, but Molly had to face the harsh reality that it was still four years away from being put into effect and that there were many constituents who were not at all happy with her. After they hurled a number of cruel insults at her, Arthur stepped in to protect Molly from being pied in the face, but then Jean-Pierre just showed up and whisked her away by helicopter. He’s trying to pull her back into the world that she’s starting to escape, and opting only to send the fancy champagne she had promised she would share with Nicholas since she was jetting off with Jean-Pierre was an unfortunate decision that’s going to have reverberations in their relationship. It was great to see Howard step in to be there for Nicholas as he worked through his inability to emote and the challenge of having to cry on stage. Finally answering Tonya’s calls and breaking up with her was a satisfying moment, though it’s possible we’ll see more of her again. Nicholas and Howard hugging and declaring each other best friends was very sweet, and it’s nice to see how that relationship has evolved since its start.

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