Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Industry

Industry: Season 2, Episode 5 “Kitchen Season” (B+)

This was a real family episode, looking at how the relationships the young bankers have with their parents and siblings are very different from how they interact with each other. Robert’s may have been the most jarring, since he showed up demanding a bottle of champagne and then was far more forceful than he tends to be with his colleagues, while also putting on an act to ensure a hot new prospect decided to join Pierpoint. That voicemail from Nicole that he got after ignoring her calls may be a harsh wake-up call, since she expressed that she didn’t miss him but she did expect him to call her back because of their business relationship. Harper was hoping to find her brother and then surprised to do so, and he obviously carries a lot of baggage from the divergent paths their lives have taken. Yasmin was horrified to find out about a relationship her father apparently had and the child that might have come from it, but there’s obviously a lot she doesn’t know about how he operates, even if she suspects it. Gus going with his new boss to a new political place is an exciting opportunity, and it seems to suit him much better than his last job. It was also nice to see Harper and Yasmin getting along great outside of the office and the country, finally able to connect with each other on a natural and comfortable level. Danny, on the other hand, revealed himself to be way too attached and possessive, and Harper didn’t mince words when he accused her of sleeping with someone else, and that shot of her and Eric in the elevator shows where her allegiances lie.

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