Wednesday, August 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Kevin Can F**k Himself (Season Premiere)

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 2, Episode 1 “Mrs. McRoberts Is Dead” (B+)

I definitely thought it had been longer than a year since this show ended its first season, and this one picked up right in the middle of the drama rather than spending a bit of time in its lighter sitcom side. There’s such a notable difference in how the things Neil says sound, since he’s coming off just as dim-witted but considerably cruel without the laugh track to make his sentiments forgivable. Patty best summarized what she thinks of him, which is that he does pretend to be stupider than he is so that, for instance, she’ll pay his rent for a few decades. Patty seems to think she has the situation under control and will find something to hold over his head so that he doesn’t tell Kevin and get Annie in trouble. He did not have kind words for Annie, suggesting that Kevin doesn’t care when Annie whines, which is hardly a realistic summary of the situation. But she did take note and made sure to curb that behavior so she couldn’t be accused of anything, and she did a spectacular job of bulldozing Pete’s carefully-crafted campaign message to make him look like a brute who couldn’t possibly get the endorsement needed to run. Like in today’s world, however, the less impressive the candidate, the more broad appeal they seem to have, and as she tried to make a new best friend, she saw the horror show that was him becoming popular because of how she had made him portray himself. Faking her own death is an interesting new direction, and I’m very intrigued - and nervous - to see how that plays out.

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