Friday, August 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Resort

The Resort: Season 1, Episode 6 “Hunch Fo Club Seeth” (B-)

While this episode overall didn’t really retain my interest, I do love an unexpected guest appearance from an actor I really like. Luis Guzmán was an excellent part of a truly unusual and terribly underrated series, “Perpetual Grace, LTD,” that I wish had gotten more attention. Casting him as author Illán Iberra was a terrific choice, and I especially appreciated the moment where he realized who Baltasar was and then proceeded to have a heart attack after stabbing him for all the childhood criticisms he had given to the much more established author. Baltasar has learned plenty from Alex in terms of trying to understand the metaphysical and assign meaning to random happenings, like the idea of allowing yourself to live in memories and then being able to discover important clues. Luna isn’t having any of it anymore, unhappy that Baltasar invoked “emotional debt” as a concept somehow comparable to actual monetary debt, and eager to let Emma and Noah get back to their vacation. Baltasar is spot-on about one thing, however, which is that their vacation is this mystery, or at least that’s true for Emma, who’s still obsessed with finding Pasaje. Noah, on the other hand, is ready to stop playing this game, but he’s also opening up and reckoning with his trauma, something that doesn’t interest Emma because it’s much easier to get sucked up into someone else’s drama. I’ll admit I am curious about Sam and Violet’s fate, though I’m not sure I can count on this show to provide linear answers.

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