Friday, August 12, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Maid

Maid: Season 1, Episode 2 “Ponies” (B+)

I’m glad that Margaret Qualley’s Emmy nomination served as the impetus for me to sit down and finally watch this show, since I remember being impressed by the first episode when I watched it back in October but being far too busy to continue watching it. It was jarring to hear “legal, legal, legal” uttered so quickly so many times in court, but that clever device reminded me of how, in the first installment, every time Alex had to spend money, there was an on-screen balance showing her increasingly negative balance. Declaring herself as someone who hasn’t been “abused for real” was an important wake-up call, and once she did get to the shelter, Aimee Carrero’s Danielle opened her eyes to the fact that instances of violent behavior can lead to much worse things down the road, like being strangled by a supposedly loving partner. The flashes to Sean’s fury are intense and help to paint a picture of who he was, a far cry from the well-dressed, heavily-supported Sean who showed up to court to completely obliterate Alex’s parental rights in a way that she couldn’t even understand. Danielle encouraging her to go to the open house at Regina’s to get what she was owed led to a powerful scene where Alex lashed out at her for not recognizing her, and it apparently did get her the money she was owed. But Danielle’s sudden disappearance at the end of the episode was an important and unfortunate reminder that it’s very easy to slip back into familiar surroundings, even if they’re incredibly toxic and dangerous.

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