Saturday, August 27, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 1, Episode 4 “New Tech” (B)

I enjoyed just how much Janine was looking forward to being able to help Barbara for once with the new technology that she knew it would be difficult for her. Her overenthusiasm, however, didn’t work out in her favor, as Barbara hid her inability to understand it and ended up over her head when her accidentally-submitted scores proved to be totally sensational. I did laugh a few times when Will guessed what word rhymed with his name as “Hilliam,” and Ava giving him a copy of Michelle Obama’s book rather than the much more basic text he had already memorized resulted in that unfortunate confession in front of everyone that he result weren’t real. Janine seemed legitimately disappointed in her mentor, but they got to a good place about the technology right before Ava showed up to tell them that it was actually being used in prisons and should be stopped immediately. Melissa teaching Jacob a lesson about appreciating his community was uncomfortable but entertaining, and it’s good to see the supporting characters getting their own separate storylines. Janine and Gregory planning to meet together after school could have been a good idea if not for Janine remembering that Tariq was coming to pick her up. Suggesting that Gregory come with them to shop for a bed was among the worst ideas she could have suggested, though Gregory’s comeback that he was being picked up by a “carful of women” wasn’t exactly a terrific or productively thought-out response to that unfortunate scenario.

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