Saturday, August 6, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Station Eleven

Station Eleven: Season 1, Episode 8 “Who’s There?” (B+)

This is the kind of straightforward narrative storytelling I’ve been looking for since the beginning, bringing all of the characters together and offering some potent flashbacks to explain how we got to this point. The episode six cliffhanger wasn’t really addressed, with the answer just being that Kirsten managed to take all of her assailants out, but luckily there wasn’t much time wasted in them being found by someone else from the museum who was ready to take them there. The older Clark is definitely paranoid, but for good reason. Even though no one is physically sick anymore, there are still those who have diseased thoughts, like Tyler, who Kirsten helped to infiltrate the airport by staging a scene from Station Eleven with him. I had thought that either Clark or Elizabeth might have recognized the story, but there’s no reason they would have ever read the book. Fortunately, this show isn’t one that thrives on death or destruction or even a terrifying, miserable ending, and instead Tyler did manage to burn the memorial and blow up the tower, which will destroy Clark, but theoretically no one was hurt and now he’s been taken into custody by Brian. Kirsten calling Tyler by his real name made for a strong scene, and him being recognized and addressed by Elizabeth and Clark was also poignant. The flashbacks to Arthur and Clark’s relationship were informative and engaging, and I’m curious to see what’s left to follow in the final two episodes: maybe Miranda also?

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