Monday, August 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Physical (Season Finale)

Physical: Season 2, Episode 10 “Don’t You Say It’s Over” (B+)

It was interesting to see how Danny and Sheila were actually doing pretty well after separating, with him respecting her need for space and giving that to her. Running into Breem at the tap dancing class at the gym made for an unexpected but wholly worthwhile confrontation, one that found Breem calm and eager to move on while Danny just wanted to be angry and to get revenge on the man who slept with his wife. But it wasn’t that encounter that turned Danny back into a bad guy, but rather Ernie, who, in a move that very much angered Greta, enlightened Danny about how he had rights to a piece of Sheila’s business under community property law. She was doing so well, checking in with her former nemesis Harriet and crafting the perfect block, and then she got the twin punch of seeing that a local celebrity had done the same thing and that Danny was going to reenter her work life in a way that he never deserved to despite his onetime participation in a brainstorming session. The voice came right back but she knew what to do this time, and enlisting Breem’s help because he’s an asshole sets up an intriguing season three that I hope will soon be commissioned. I also liked that we got to see Tyler and Bunny again, and that they tried to get rid of the Mormons at their door before they found out that Breem had sent them specifically to get funding for their new church, an unfortunate development in their blackmail scheme. This season has been great, bring on season three!

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Rose Byrne

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