Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Emmy Episodes: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live: Season 47, Episode 21 “Natasha Lyonne / Japanese Breakfast” (B-)

This episode was not my favorite from the three installments I watched this year, which is the smallest sampling of this show I’ve gone through in many years given the show’s minimal showing in the acting categories. This episode, which features past Emmy nominee Natasha Lyonne as its host - who was not nominated this year for season two of “Russian Doll” - marks the ninth and final nomination for Kate McKinnon, who left the show after this finale. I’m sure she could return to host the series, but I feel like a bit of distance is important. Her best years were certainly when she was playing Hillary Clinton, though it was also fun to see her as Rudy Giuliani and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, among others. She dominated the opening sketch as the alien abductee with a very graphic history of what she endured, and having her leave to get on the ship felt like a symbolic goodbye. But she did return, for a dialogue-free appearance in the high school flashback bit and then in the Gray Adult Pigtails bit that closed out the episode. This is not her best showcase and I think she has plenty of competition in her Emmy category with much more to present this year, but she’ll always be an endearing and committed part of this show’s history. Lyonne was strongest in her inappropriate commentator bit, and I guess there’s something to be said for her ability to stay mostly still while being tickled and puppeted around as if her character was still alive. I’m not sure why, but Colin’s comment about the Pennsylvania governor whose face looks like it was photoshopped onto a hot dog had me laughing much more than I expected.

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