Saturday, August 13, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Maid

Maid: Season 1, Episode 5 “Thief” (B+)

There was a strange horror undercurrent to this episode as Alex leaned into the legend of Barefoot Billy while cleaning out his mother’s house, but that was ultimately a way for Alex, trapped in that crawlspace in the attic, to remember something she had long suppressed about her upbringing. It’s easy to question why Alex wouldn’t accept the warm hospitality of her father and his new young wife who seems incredibly friendly, offering up abundant accommodations and adult supervision, when her only other alternative is, or at least was, to stay in an apartment with a horrifying amount of black mold. The fact that he wasn’t part of her upbringing and never came after her when Paula left with her was bad enough, but remembering that he used to be violent with her mother prompted her to leave immediately since that’s no different than Sean, who professes that he’s working hard and her job shouldn’t be valued any more than his. Fortunately, Paula is back and newly married, and hopefully that means Basil will be more cordial to Alex and less cruelly manipulative. Kelly writing her name on the bleach that Alex paid for herself wasn’t particularly polite, but at least she didn’t purposely lock her in the crawlspace and they managed to get the job done to a satisfactory level for Yolanda. Running into Danielle was a shock, and Denise calmly handled Alex trying to demand her phone number to pull her out of a situation that she just isn’t ready to leave.

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