Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Emmy Episodes: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live: Season 47, Episode 3 “Rami Malek / Young Thug” (B)

I’m used to watching a number of episodes of this long-running variety series every year when it earns numerous supporting and guest Emmy acting nominations. But this year, only three performers are in the running, so it’s a much smaller sampling than I’m used to. This is the submission for Bowen Yang, back for his second consecutive nomination and the only cast member contending in the supporting actor race. He does have some fantastic material, including two sketches where he basically gets to own the entire bit. Playing Daddy Longlegs shows just how much he’s able to take control and earn all of the laughs from an otherwise unspectacular segment. Getting to play George Takei was also fun for him, and in his third scene, he was the straight man in a humorous bed-shopping bit with Aidy Bryant and host Rami Malek. I’d say that the Daddy Longlegs sketch is a clear standout, rivaling his iceberg-that-sunk-the-Titanic from last year, though it’s likely not enough for him to win. I will say that I enjoyed Malek’s hosting job since I think he managed to be funnier than I had expected, and it was also entertaining to see him and Pete Davidson playing each other. Daniel Craig popping by for a few cameo appearances was also a nice treat since it shows that they seem to have a good relationship fostered by their co-starring together in last year’s Bond hit, and Craig’s final outing as the secret agent, “No Time to Die.”

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