Sunday, August 14, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Maid (Penultimate Episode)

Maid: Season 1, Episode 9 “Sky Blue” (B+)

Things seemed very bad at the start of this episode, which is Emmy-nominated for its directing, with Alex unable to even move and lacking the will to go to the door when Regina showed up to give her back her notebook. It wasn’t until Sean once again did something violent around her that she snapped and realized she had to leave. Calling Regina and having her take her straight to the shelter was a good idea, even if that made-up guest room at her house might have sounded appealing. She took her time adjusting back to life once she arrived, and watching her acclimate to the currency-free boutique in the shelter was an important and rewarding step. Regina did end up being extremely helpful after they bonded about how she knew which house was hers and why, and Alex got the best legal advice she could have received. Sean didn’t seem nearly as angry as I might have expected when she told him she was leaving, but that’s also why she chose a public place. Having her reconnect with her mother and realize that she was happy but living out of her car in a parking lot was a reminder for her that nothing is permanent, and I’m hopeful that, in the series finale, we’ll see her get to a good place and not return to a situation that she knows is dangerous and is so likely to end up going right back to how it was when she thought that Sean had actually changed and would be different.

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