Friday, March 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season Finale)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 4, Episode 8 “How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?” (A-)

This was a fantastic finale, and it’s great to know that there’s a season left after this for Midge to figure out what actually matters to her and what she’s going to make of her career. Lenny has been a fascinating character since his first appearance on this show, and the fact that he’s a real person gives some context to the idea that he was remembered, while Mrs. Maisel may ultimately fade into obscurity if she continues to refuse to take on gigs that could be important stepping stones. Running out after the raid led to a critical moment, one that finally saw them sleeping together with Midge making sure that he wouldn’t forget that she was funny. He was legitimately upset that she didn’t understand the opportunity she had in front of her, and that snowy walk to the Gordon Ford sign was very telling. Moishe seemed destined for death at the start of the episode, leading to talk of funeral plots and Abe writing an extremely emotional obituary for him that he read which made both men teary, a dramatic highlight of the hour that allowed things to get spectacularly serious for once. Mei won Shirley over but without her potential future mother-in-law having any idea of who she was, and Moishe affirmed Joel’s life choices with one important condition, something that Mei will likely be willing to undertake even if things shouldn’t have to be that way. I’m enjoying Susie’s work setup and look forward to seeing how her business continues to expand going forward. Even though this season played out over the course of four weeks instead of just one day, I think I still watched at about the same speed, and I’m looking forward to its return for its fifth and final season.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Rachel Brosnahan

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