Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 2, Episode 5 “Mind Frisk” (B+)

The impact of the Ludd attack wasn’t felt all that much in this episode, aside from how Horizon took the opportunity to overstep in a major way and now read all of the uploads’ thoughts so that they could prevent future sabotage. That also included, as Luke correctly asserted, spying on their dreams and then selling them to Hollywood or to porn sites of the future. Aleesha was not pleased at all to find out that she was in one such DreamHub video, and that as soon as she got Luke to finally go to sleep, another one was immediately up there with her in it again. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to hear Nathan’s thoughts and have him try to cover his tracks regarding wanting to kiss Nora, and she also stumbled when she accidentally said she loved him. They did come to a very important and monumental conclusion, one that cements William B. Davis as a great casting choice given his extensive experience as the Cigarette-Smoking Man on “The X-Files.” They also got some revenge on Craig by making David Choak’s thoughts audible to everyone in Lakeview, which is sure to make him very angry. Ingrid screaming nonstop even after Lucy went into a meeting and then came back was the ultimate display of her determination to always skip levels, and she saw how that worked when she got a baby who grew very quickly and then died before Nathan ever had a chance to meet him. I have a feeling she may try again, but this may also have traumatized her and simultaneously fulfilled that burning desire to be a parent.

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