Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 2, Episode 3 “Robin Hood” (B+)

It’s pretty crazy that Nora just walked right back into her old office and no one seemed concerned with where she had been for months or the fact that she was just returning to work with no explanation. She also managed to get herself a new job thanks to her passionate speech about what they offer, and even stepped in to offer crucial assistance for Nathan’s scheme after he had to give up the pen knife and couldn’t alter Ingrid’s cards. It’s funny that Nathan would think that Ingrid just stared off into space and wasn’t paying attention when she obviously wasn’t even there, since she has apparently contracted quite a few unfortunate conditions because of the amount of time she’s spending in the suit. Naturally, she would hire a Job Gerbil who she ended up not tipping after suggesting Nathan’s mom do the same to pretend to be her, which resulted in Nathan having the best day of his life with the woman he thought was Ingrid. Stealing data from the rich to give to those who can’t afford was a noble effort, and he’s finding a way to have purpose and fun in his afterlife. I’m curious to see what Aleesha and Nora’s next moves are, and we also have the questionable enthusiasm from Matteo and the security camera footage with Nora on it that the detective just found, which is bad timing considering she’s now going to be in the building and easy to interrogate about her role in Nathan’s elevator butchery.

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