Thursday, March 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Bridgerton

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 5 “An Unthinkable Fate” (B+)

After essentially challenging Kate to deny her feelings for him moments before proposing to her sister, Anthony got even more direct by telling her that he had to back out of his engagement to Edwina since they would always lust for each other, which would be torture. He did have an excuse to be able to do that, which was the unfortunate airing of family drama with potential new family, which was all the fault of Mary’s mother. I did recognize her father as Anthony Head, who plays Rupert on “Ted Lasso,” though he didn’t have nearly as much to say. It was good to see Kate and then Anthony rise to the defense of Mary, a character we’ve barely seen who is played by an actress I really like, Shelly Conn. There’s no good way for all of this to end, especially since too many people – namely Lady Danbury and Daphne – for it ever to be truly forgotten if Anthony did try to continue pretending that the lack of a dowry was the issue. Portia is certainly thinking outside of the box about how to resolve her own predicament, and Jack seems equally concerned and impressed by her creativity in suggesting that he sell worthless shares to eager investors to help them out of their hole. Eloise is definitely engaging in some unendorsed activities, and it looks like Penelope is going to act defensively even though she’s no longer pursuing the same goals Penelope believes her to be. Benedict doing some painting quickly turned into him being the model, and it’s funny to me how we got to see two naked bodies after the characters just met when we’ve been watching sexual tension between Anthony and Kate all season with nothing more than some whispering and a calming touch to show for it.

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