Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 2, Episode 4 “Family Day” (B+)

It saddens me that this means that we’re officially past the halfway mark of this season, since I could spend, like the residents of Lakeview, an eternity here. But things are definitely intensifying with the first official Ludd attack on Lakeview, which started with a few glitches and got pretty frightening. Fortunately, Nathan’s family was able to leave without incident, but it’s still going to be a difficult recovery. Nathan was so excited to see the temp that he definitely was not prepared for it to actually be Nora, who wasn’t nearly as warm to him as he would have liked and did not support her new extracurricular activities. I am intrigued by how the temp did manage to find her own voice after she got swiftly rejected by Nathan, comforting the AI guy in a way that was contagious, so that he did the same thing for Ingrid when she was unhappy. Nathan’s mom suggesting to him that he maybe he should consider family was a big step, and Ingrid took that news very well and wanted to move fast with it when he expressed his openness to the idea. Luke’s army buddy playing his immaturely modified version of tennis showed Aleesha that the man who was ready to torment her as much as he could might actually be full of a bit more substance than he lets on, potentially leading to the second unsanctioned romance between an upload and an angel, though I have a feeling that Aleesha will keep it under control in a more aggressive way than Nora.

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