Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Bridgerton (Season Premiere)

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 1 “Capital R Rake” (B+)

I’m excited to be watching this show at the same time as everyone else this year after forgetting about it following the pilot and only returning to finish up season one once it earned plenty of Emmy attention. I do think it’s a very good show, and given that it has such a huge ensemble, having Daphne appear only briefly and Simon not there at all may actually be a good thing to give others the opportunity to shine. Eloise managed to have her miserable debut interrupted by Lady Whistledown’s triumphant return, and I like that, now that we know that Penelope is actually the mystery author, she’s not changing all that much as a character. Her negotiating skills when she puts on that Irish accent to pretend to be her assistant are impressive, and it was great to see Lady Whistledown officially take a stand against the entire scene. The one who may be impacted most, unfortunately, is Edwina, whose debut was rather spectacular, even if Anthony is going to be pining for her sister. Kate and Anthony did get off to a very rocky start when she overheard his conversation about the high standards he has, and it should be entertaining to watch that play out. I’m thrilled to see Shelley Conn from “Terra Nova” and “Liar” as Mary, even if it’s not clear how much of a role she’ll have with Kate and Edwina instead at the center. The new Lord Featherington is going to shake things up in a big way, and Portia being evicted from her bedroom was not a great start.

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