Thursday, March 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 4, Episode 5 “Don’t Get Attached” (B+)

It’s interesting to see the flashbacks to the formation of the Twelve, and I’m particularly by impressed by the matching of the accents that signaled who Carolyn and Konstantin were. It’s hard to imagine that all these people survived so many years when everyone is so duplicitous and able to fake their deaths, but that’s the nature of this show. Yusuf was a bit too curious when he showed up at Eve’s door with the intel, and he was quite surprised to find Hélène’s daughter there. She really did develop a closeness with Eve, and while Hélène indicated that she was impressed when she finally found them, she was also quite shaken and upset. Her method of exacting revenge was calculating and what she knew would hurt her. It’s hard to imagine that Villanelle would be dead with three episodes left to go, and we’ve seen her recover from worse than an arrow in the past. I liked that she showed up to see Konstantin and seemed very upset only to share in a very warm hug they both badly wanted. Pam is a worthwhile apprentice for Konstantin, and I’m curious to see what happens if Villanelle is in fact dead, and the two of them will join forces with Carolyn and Eve and everyone else who is now sympathetic to her to take down Hélène and the Twelve once and for all. I’m not sure what to expect next, but I hope we’ll at least see Jodie Comer again in flashbacks if Villanelle is truly gone.

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