Tuesday, March 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: United States of Al

United States of Al: Season 2, Episode 16 “Gout / Nikres” (B+)

This episode started off with a flurry of double entendres, with Lois describing her “yelp as the review” being the best of them. But then things got more serious with Art’s gout flaring up, and his reluctance to go see a doctor was a very relatable storyline. Even Riley’s therapist understood and thought it was a legitimate and understandable course of action. Naturally Al would be the one to go ahead and call Lois first to tell her, and I enjoyed that he apparently always introduces himself by his full name as if she doesn’t know who he is. She knew exactly what to do to inspire him to take action immediately, and it was a good thing he did given his rising A1C level. I did enjoy his intense resistance to the idea of eating healthy, declaring that, at Outback Steakhouse (a favorite restaurant of mine, I’ll admit, though I haven’t been in a few years), “if you order a salad, they take you out back.” He seemed tremendously offended by the idea of putting a plant burger, or worse, fish, on his grill. I’m glad he has a kindred spirit in Hazel, who didn’t want the raccoons to be attracted to the delicious smell of all the snacks that she wanted to turn into trash. Ending with the two of them trying vegetables together was very entertaining, and they really shouldn’t have started with carrots and then ended with raw cauliflower, arguably one of the least appealing ways to eat that particular food.

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