Thursday, March 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Bridgerton

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 4 “Victory” (B+)

The fact that Edwina can’t see the passion that’s developing between her sister and her new fiancé is only going to make the eventual reveal of his feelings that much worse, especially since Anthony made the very questionable decision to follow up a moment of intimacy with Kate where he essentially dared her to confess her affection for him with a proposal to Edwina. While it is theoretically possible that Edwina could have a nice and comfortable life if Kate instead married Anthony, she isn’t likely to be willing to forgive Kate for taking the man she wants, if society will even accept their union at this point. Edwina’s suggestion that Kate go hunting was another opportunity for them to get closer, though Anthony only egged her on by reacting in a way that doubted her abilities. I like that Lady Danbury gets what’s going on, but she’ll probably push Kate to get with the program and accept what has now been officially disseminated to the ton by Lady Whistledown. Eloise is not going to stop her pursuit of the truth, and Penelope seems like she’s now being influenced by what others expect her to print and could slip up and reveal something only she knows as a result. Portia’s meddling with Prudence and Cousin Jack led to an unfortunate sequence of events, one that may now result in ruin for her family unless they can figure out a family to call off that necessary engagement and turn it into an opportunity for Jack to be set up with Cressida again. Colin’s visit to see Marina left him thinking he should still be with her, something that she won’t be happy about and will surely upset Penelope even more.

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