Friday, March 18, 2022

Take Three: Super Pumped

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber: Season 1, Episode 3 “War” (B+)

It’s so fascinating to watch Travis and see how he operates, thinking clearly ahead of time and then giving in to his impulses to win and obliterate his opponents at all costs. Canceling his road show to get people, including the reps from Google Ventures, to come to him was a bold move, one that did manage to pay off when he went around Bill and asked for a quarter billion, more than twice what had ever been invested before. But then he went ahead and tanked his opportunity to absorb his number one competition because of how much he hated them. I liked seeing John Magaro from “Orange is the New Black” and Shannon Marie Woodward from “The Riches” as the John and Kate from Lyft, who were perfectly willing to work with him until he cruelly lowered his offer. After having a better-than-expected meeting with Larry Page, played terrifically by Ben Feldman from “Mad Men,” Travis had his biggest bubble burst by Bill when he made comments about risky unicorns and didn’t explicitly say that Uber was immune. Travis locking him out of the building is a certain mistake, one that will show Bill that he was right to doubt going all in on Travis since the charismatic founder doesn’t want to hear any bad news, even if it’s coming from smart, experienced people. Mark Cuban playing himself was a helpful illustration of how Travis isn’t able to win over everyone, and Randall Pearson is still set on going after him. His relationships with his ex and current girlfriend are also very informative about how much he commits and what he refuses to give.

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