Tuesday, March 29, 2022

What I’m Watching: WeCrashed

WeCrashed: Season 1, Episode 4 “4.4” (B+)

As if the show’s title didn’t portend doom enough, the continued refresher on how much money – in the millions – this company is losing each day is certainly foreboding and foretells an inevitable failure. Adam citing other ultimately successful businesses that lost $400 million in a year wasn’t productive since they haven’t yet made that pivotal switch, and doing things like offering to double someone’s salary before enticing him further with food flown in from Japan and then hiring an expensive musician just after laying off seven percent of the company show that he’s completely guided by impulse in every situation. Prepping the vibe for his dream investor led to a number of false starts, but then he made the big $4.4 million deal when he finally showed up, which could save his money but also cause it to implode if it fails to come through. We saw a few worthwhile guest stars in this hour, starting with Sasson Gabai, the Israeli actor best known for his performance in the film “The Band’s Visit,” as Adam’s father, who objected to being referenced negatively than recognized in the audience in Mumbai. America Ferrera, typically the lead of comedy series like “Ugly Betty” and “Superstore,” was Elishia, whose costume intensity rivaled Rebekah’s and who then somehow ended up working for WeWork despite Rebekah forging a genuine friendship with her. Lastly, we saw O-T Fagbenle from “The Handmaid’s Tale” briefly, with a great accent and a dubious attitude towards Uber. I had a great conversation with him on the red carpet for this show, and I’m looking forward to seeing his role in all of this. The sight of Adam getting ready to eat his Popeye’s chicken as Rebekah glared at him with fury is indicative of the anger so many will surely feel towards Adam when all his promises come gloriously crashing down.

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