Friday, March 25, 2022

Take Three: Winning Time

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Best Is Yet to Come” (B+)

Jerry’s a pretty nice and happy guy, and seeing him angry and ripping West to shreds was an intense and terrifying experience to behold. It’s going to get confusing to call any character Jerry given how many of them there are, and Dr. Buss was excited by the convenience of just having to change the last name on West’s door since he hired the controversial Tark the Shark, who’s sure to generate problems but also deliver in a way that West just wasn’t going to, and his preferred replacement might not have either. Offering Tark ten times his current salary to become the highest-paid coach in sports was a bold move that he probably shouldn’t have made given that he’s hemorrhaging money, and a dead body in the trunk of a car with mob ties isn’t going to help anyone. Magic coming to Jerry’s house led to a very awkward misunderstanding when he thought that Jeanie and her mom were both dating Jerry, and it’s hard to deny the convincing power that Jerry has when, for instance, he’s turning his hair into something marketable and highly appealing to the right audience. Though she’s unhappy at the moment, Claire continues to be one of Jerry’s best non-player assets, and that big idea is surely not too far away. I was excited to see another familiar face in the cast, Adrien Brody, who recently appeared on “Succession” and stars in “Chapelwaite,” as Patrick James Riley, who wants a new role that no one else seems to want to give him.

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