Saturday, March 26, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 8 “The Fire Next Time” (B)

Barry believing in someone’s inherent goodness is not exactly a new thing, though this time was an extreme given that everything Birch was doing made him look even guiltier. I couldn’t figure out where I knew actor Max Adler from, and a look back at my review of the season four episode he previously appeared in indicates I didn’t focus on that, but now it makes perfect sense that Max Adler played Karofsky on “Glee.” Barry was all about channeling the look on his father’s face which he felt was present on Birch’s, and that led to a cool opportunity for him to run really fast and let Birch be a hero, allowing him to show his son that he could do good and they should have a relationship. That they’re looking for a meta serial killer is a more concerning development which ended without many clues, and that’s now coming into focus as the potential focus of a season which thus far has been devoted to crossovers and avoided futures. The other new subplot that got started came from an unexpected place, with Allegra choosing to ignore the clickbait assignment Iris gave her in favor of a passion project, and then ultimately owning up to her poor mentorship of new writer Taylor. But instead of accepting her apology, Taylor vowed to destroy her, a worrisome claim that Iris is unlikely to believe if Allegra does bring it to her since she’ll think that she’s just upset about having to work with her. I’m curious to see what comes of that and if that destruction she has planned involves some powers that have yet to manifest.

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