Friday, March 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 5, Episode 5 “The World is Mean Right Now” (B+)

I’m so fascinated by how Duke has become the one firmly defending Sam, never to her face but when her siblings are too harsh to her, and I think she’s grown the most since the start of this show, finally coming into her own as a character. Phil showing them the wedding album and continuing to do so even after Sam indicating how much it upset her was unkind, but nothing was quite as cruel as Frankie’s slow clap. At least she apologized later for it and acknowledged that she knew it was triggering, something we saw in the flashbacks to Sam’s own attempts to get attention as a child. Frankie selling Sam’s baseball cards save for one that was valueless because she had written her name on it was a nice surprise, and I enjoyed how she kept pushing the seaweed smoothie when Sam just kept repeating “coffee” over and over. The feng shui consultation was not terribly affirming for Sam, reminding her of the many reasons that her children think she could do better and invoking that haunting gift that Xavier had given Sam which she had tried – apparently not hard enough – to dispose of forever. The Usman Ally’s Dr. Babu was a humorous presence, and I was absolutely thrilled to see Lennon Parham as Paige since I just interviewed her about her role on “Minx” and she’s so nice, so seeing her in this part was hilarious. Dr. Babu giving her his cell phone number but shutting down the idea of a house call was a funny way to resolve Sam’s issue.

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