Thursday, March 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Life and Beth

Life and Beth: Season 1, Episode 6 “Boat” (B+)

Of course Beth would have a traumatic memory from being on a boat, and John would happen to ask her about the scar on her leg at just the moment when she was getting onto his. I like that Beth forced a character we haven’t seen all that much of, her sister Ann, to come hang out so that she could offer her take on John. Ann has her own hang-ups, like her name always being spelled wrong, which it was before she abandoned her coffee for a so-called emergency, and she seemed to think highly of John as soon as he heard them talking and confirmed that he wasn’t a murderer. The fact that he broke up with his girlfriend via text and she sent back a thumbs-up emoji doesn’t suggest that he’s a great emotional communicator, but maybe that’s what Beth needs. I loved watching them eat apples together that he somehow had stored in his pockets as he was about to have the fish hook pulled out of his hand, which ended up being much easier and less unpleasant than Beth expected. It took them very little time to go from being work associates to making their relationship official, and what could be sincerer than lying in bed together with John reading through the bargain barn deals available for under $100? Hearing about how John was bullied as a kid but didn’t consider it like that was intriguing, and he definitely does not process the world the same way Beth and Ann do.

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