Monday, March 21, 2022

What I’m Watching: Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat: Season 2, Episode 11 “Call Me the Bad Boy of Cheese” (B)

It’s fun to see Kat go up against a new neighborhood rival since that’s not something we’ve experienced quite yet. It’s hard to imagine that Nick, no matter how delicious his sandwiches might be, would be able to flaunt every rule possible and get away with it. While Kat may be more prone to speak up about something that bothers her than other people, there are certainly still businesses who wouldn’t be happy about the things that he’s getting away with which they wouldn’t dare do. He’s also freely offering up the fact that what he’s doing isn’t allowed, like serving beer without a liquor license and unpasteurized cheese that’s illegal, which is bound to get him into trouble. But that doesn’t seem to be the focus of Nick’s guest appearance, since Sheila got in Kat’s head and now she’s having sex dreams about him. I would hope that him going after someone he know has a boyfriend would be upsetting enough to get Oscar and Max to finally wake up and not go to his shop for sandwiches and coffee. On the note of a relationship that does seem to be going well, it was fun to see Randi freaking out about how to get gifts for Carter since that’s really not a skill of hers. Apparently sculpting people is also not something she’s great at, and it was funny to watch Carter try to appreciate the gesture while being legitimately terrified of it. She’s sure to only panic more as she works up the courage to tell him that she loves him.

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