Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Upload (Season Premiere)

Upload: Season 2, Episode 1 “Welcome Back, Mr. Brown” (B+)

It’s so nice to have this show back after a nearly two-year hiatus, and to see that it continues to invest in character depth rather than just being a one-note satire about where we’re headed technologically-speaking. The fact that we didn’t even see Nathan right away was a sign of how it’s just as much about Nora, who decided to go off-grid and live in a technology-free space, and just happened to pop back in as a cat to check on Nathan as he was having sex with Ingrid and before he confessed his love for her in a voicemail that she’ll never get. As always, I’m very impressed with how Ingrid is portrayed, first as an incredible diva who wanted a king bed that was more like a queen and was ordering Aleesha around like crazy, and then as someone who understands that Nathan might have fallen in love with another upload and is willing to put in the work to repair their relationship. Unfortunately, Nathan isn’t really honest with anyone except for Luke, who is infinitely more concerned with making the already stressed Aleesha even angrier and getting himself stuck in chimneys. The addition of Paulo Costanzo, an actor who has been seen on shows like “Joey” and “Royal Pains,” as Matteo is solid, and it looks like he’s going to be a love interest for Nora, who will hopefully make her way back to the digital world soon since Nathan is likely to come looking for her otherwise, if the law doesn’t find her first given her proximity to what now looks like a potential homicide.

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