Friday, March 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 6, Episode 8 “The Big Ugly” (B+)

Well, I certainly didn’t expect such a complete and quick reversal of the decision to host the Olympics in New York. Chuck was so determined to get Prince that he didn’t care if the Olympics stayed there or not, and apparently Los Angeles, which at least is relatively close and within the same country, was more than happy to step up as a second choice. But Prince did cross the line and break the law, and Chuck just won’t tolerate that. Maybe Prince can now spend the time focusing on his romantic relationship, one that may stand a chance if he knows his limits and, as with everything else in his life, tries to push past them. Sweeney couldn’t figure out what Chuck’s game was when he tried to keep him from going to a dinner by enticing him to be there, and ultimately it worked perfectly since Chuck scared Todd and Prince’s other top partners into cooperating. Prince giving Philip first pick over Taylor was a questionable move, and Philip did sound overconfident in deferring to them this time only. After her hypersonic company turned out to be very problematic, he stepped in to help clean up the mess, suggesting that he really does want to be a team player. I’m intrigued by the newfound friendship between Wags and Rian, one which is based on opportunity and convenience, and Rian was smart to push Wags to be honest with Chels since holding on to his hotel suite was not a great sign of confidence in the future of his relationship.

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