Sunday, March 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: Minx

Minx: Season 1, Episode 3 “A roll of film, a 3-iron, and a pearl necklace” (B+)

It’s particularly interesting to see how this new business in which Joyce finds herself is being redefined, classified as something deplorable and almost criminal, as she is beginning to realize is inherent merits. Finding out that they usually get tips before completely expected police raids so that they can expedite the process of paying fines and getting their art and supplies back left Joyce scrambling to figure out how she could possibly get this issue ready in time, while Doug took some unscrupulous steps to try to compel their new contact to work with them. I was thrilled to see Amy Landecker, who played one of the adult siblings on “Transparent,” as Bridget, the woman with no sense of humor and a determination to put Minx and everything associated with it out of business. I love that her scouts had prepared right-wing answers to Joyce mentioning the ERA, and that Doug and presumably Joyce made it so that the uniform they delivered back to her just in time for the photo had a badge reading “Troop 69” for her. Eugene’s visit to the office could have been a lot more scandalous, as Shelly feared that it was when she saw all of the actresses and models gathered around him, but it turns out things can be considerably more wholesome than others expect for people involved in this line of work. Shelly definitely does need to get out of the house, and as long as Joyce learns how to recognize the contributions of those around her, the two of them working together shouldn’t be a problem. Doug complimenting Joyce on making the headlines more relatable should be exactly the kick she needs to realize that there is tremendous value in others helping to interpret, refine, and reimagine her important mission-driven talking points.

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