Saturday, March 26, 2022

What I’m Watching: Our Flag Means Death

Our Flag Means Death: Season 1, Episode 9 “Act of Grace” (B+)

This was an unexpectedly sentimental episode, one that showed the true friendship that has developed between Stede and Blackbeard. It didn’t seem to matter to Blackbeard that he would be confessing to something he hadn’t done since he’s all for taking credit for acts of piracy, and it was particularly affirming to hear the entire crew speak up and read from that incriminating journal that Frenchie literally tripped over himself to reveal to prove that Stede was indeed a serious pirate. Chauncey was understandably furious that the man he hated so much was escaping justice, but, like his brother, he ended up meeting his death in a way that could have been interpreted as Stede’s fault but really was his own. It was jarring to see Blackbeard without his beard, though he accepted his new identity with an inspiring sort of serenity, and he was very genuine about his feelings for Stede on the beach. He may now feel betrayed, however, since Stede went home to confront the family he left behind who apparently believes him to be dead. It’s going to be a big adjustment back to normal life for him, one that likely won’t prove satisfying. Izzy’s reign as captain didn’t last long, though he did it to himself by being so deliberately cruel and not finding any loyal allies among them. While the clean-shaven Blackbeard may now be taking charge, I’m curious to see what Captain Oluwande’s time will be like after he was reluctantly elected to be their leader.

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