Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Take Three: WeCrashed

WeCrashed: Season 1, Episode 3 “Summer Camp” (B+)

This episode gave us plenty of insight into Rebekah, featuring Adam very minimally and instead tracing the complicated family relationships she had to understand how she got to where she is. Being tasked with writing a character reference for her father was challenging, but it was also somehow a worse fate than him dying since his legacy was being chipped away as a powerful figure in Rebekah’s eyes. Going off-script during her speech and emphasizing how a woman’s role in to help men took an unfortunate turn, especially since the New York Times reporter, played by Troy Iwata, who was very sweet and enthusiastic when I met him on the red carpet for the show last week, was taking close notes. Rebekah did not a great job in her first clean-up attempt, and though she eventually managed to rally the troops in a round of We-Work-We-Work chanting, it seems that stock options and Gwyneth gossip were likely more influential in getting the story killed. I was happy to recognize Steven Boyer, an actor I enjoyed very much in his comedic role in “Trial and Error,” as Matthew, the lawyer who was hard to take seriously give the sharpie writing on his head and who did not want Rebekah to continue speaking her mind. There are definitely some problematic issues at WeWork as indicated by the Thank God It’s Monday Meeting leading to constant drinking, partying, and passing out at work, and I assume we’ll see more of that once we return to the real world from this dreamlike retreat.

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