Tuesday, March 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: B Positive (Season Finale)

B Positive: Season 2, Episode 16 “Juneau, Froyo, and Mario Kart” (B+)

I didn’t realize that we were already at the end of the season here, especially since both “United States of Al” and “Ghosts” still have more episodes left to air. It’s also worrisome since there’s no news of a renewal for season three yet, and I know that CBS is particularly discriminating about needing high ratings in order to keep its series on the air. If this is the final installment, that would be a shame given the cliffhanger ending with Gina finally deciding that she did want to be Drew but only after he left to head to Alaska. While he likely hasn’t made it all the way to Alaska just yet, she’s likely to be dejected enough not to follow him, which won’t change her feelings and will surely make whatever FaceTime conversations they have awkward since she won’t want to acknowledge how she feels. It was nice to see everyone rally around her in support when Asher from Golden Horizons found out who they were and came with an offer to buy Valley Hills for a sum that included a lot of zeroes. The residents voting on whether to stay and then showing her appreciation was sweet, and her ugly crying showed how much it meant to her. Gina confronting Peter about thinking his dead sister was coming to visit led to anger and denial, and it was good to see him apologize and agree to the cognitive assessment. Bette may be headed to Golden Horizons, which might just mean Jane Seymour is leaving the show. I’m sure there could be a few new residents added. I didn’t think this season was as good as season one, but it did do a good job of getting into its pivot into a new premise. I do hope a renewal is on its way soon.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Annaleigh Ashford as Gina

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