Sunday, March 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Dropout

The Dropout: Season 1, Episode 5 “Flower of Life” (B+)

We didn’t get to see all that much more of George Schultz, but he did introduce Elizabeth to two important other people, Kurtwood Smith’s Cheetos-eating lawyer David Boies and George’s grandson Tyler, played by Dylan Minnette. David was ruthless in his treatment of Richard, and it’s good to see that, after everything, Richard called Phyllis up, who immediately said that Elizabeth has always been a fraud. Seeing what happened to Ian was devastating, since a life of boredom, miserable as that was, only paved the way for a far worse fate, one where he would never be able to work again as a way of getting out of having to testify. Michaela Watkins’ Linda Tanner was a gentler presence than David and certainly more accessible than Elizabeth or Sunny, but she too is just concerned with optics. Elizabeth did resist the idea of breaking into and replicating, or simply relabeling, a competitor’s machine for a while, but her refusal to admit, aside from in a marketing session, that what she had promised could not be delivered as they raced towards the implementation of these wellness centers in Walgreens was incredible. Her brother’s presence at the company in an official role and her continued subservience to Sunny are both red flags, as if selling a system that didn’t actually exist wasn’t reason enough for concern. It can’t be long before things start to fall apart and loyalty parties and big dreams won’t be able to counteract the fact that the technology just doesn’t work.

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