Tuesday, March 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Suspicion (Season Finale)

Suspicion: Season 1, Episode 8 “Lost Son Found” (B-)

This wasn’t the satisfying finale I had hoped for, though I’m not sure if there was a way it could all have ended in a truly compelling manner. What was most baffling to me is that there was just this random building right in the heart of Times Square that Tara just happened to find open – something that those who were with her didn’t find suspicious – and that no one else just wandered on in. Leo showing up was a bit of a surprise, but there were so many elements at play here that it was honestly hard to keep track. Sean showed up to shoot Eddie and then take Leo away, presumably for the same fate, and Tara was revealed to have been working with Leo the whole time since she was Creswell’s daughter. I suppose it makes some sense that Aadesh was targeted because he failed to expose the truth after he learned it, and that was ultimately the whole reason for this charade and the trail of bodies left in its wake. Katherine boldly decided to tell the whole truth to save her son but seemed very aware that he had been directly involved in the whole thing when she pushed him in front of the cameras. Sean was the one who made out best, sitting on a bus out of town before spending the one million dollars he got paid. Natalie taking the fall for everything feels wrong, but she was the most compelling character on the show. This show has been intriguing and engaging, but the payout just doesn’t feel all that worthwhile. I’m not sure if I would watch a second season based on that even though I felt better about it until the end.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Georgina Campbell as Natalie

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