Saturday, March 26, 2022

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 6, Episode 9 “The Hill” (B+)

It’s great to see the actors taking an active role behind the scenes on these recent episodes, with Chrissy Metz credited as a writer on this hour and Mandy Moore making her directorial debut. I remember what a surprise it was during last season’s finale to learn that Kate was going to get remarried since Katoby was always one of the more stable and endearing relationships on the show. But this episode showcased the last straw and how it went from the two of them realizing that they were happy in the lives that they had carved out separately to Toby presuming that Kate would give up what was important to her to make it all work in San Francisco. His unwillingness to share the salary discrepancy for the Los Angeles job he had never even mentioned was indicative of the fact that he didn’t even want to consider it, something that didn’t show a fairness in the marriage that Kate understandably needed. And it wasn’t even him working a lot of the time or abandoning her at the party that did him in, but rather that he had planned it all out and taken active steps to find a house without bringing her in at any point. Seeing a younger Kate tell Jack she wasn’t going into the water and then an older, frustrated teenage Kate have difficulty scaling a fence was the perfect segue into her defiantly walking up that hill and calling Phillip to ask about her own dream job. I’m not sure how much of this marriage’s dissolution we’ll see, but all the key pieces we needed were in here.

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