Sunday, March 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Dropout

The Dropout: Season 1, Episode 6 “Iron Sisters” (B+)

I had the chance to speak with Dylan Minnette, who plays Tyler, shortly after I watched this episode, and one of the things I discussed with him was how terrifying Amanda Seyfried was as Elizabeth here. She’s been deceiving plenty of people and lying straight to their faces, but Tyler is one of the few who she feels has considerably less power than her. For her to tell him that he didn’t know what he was talking about and then just a few minutes later insist that he play the song he wrote for her a second time showed how manipulative she is, a far more well-executed move than her similarly calculating filmed ad that she had to perfect over and over. George’s reaction to Tyler and Erica’s accusation was equally harsh, conveying what most people surely felt, which is that this all seemed so great and there’s no way Elizabeth could have misled them all. Ebon-Moss Bachrach’s Wall Street Journal reporter has a pretty good handle on what’s going on, and with the team of Rochelle, Richard, and Phyllis and others like Kevin Sussman’s Mark feeding info to him, all he’ll need will be that in-house perspective from Tyler to break this story open. Sunny buying Elizabeth a $12 million house shows how much of a different page he’s on than the reality of the situation demands, and it’s easy to see how all this implodes in a truly catastrophic way after this, with no way to remedy the reputation of the company and to actualize this long-held and still-impossible dream.

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