Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Outing” (B+)

There are some aspects of this show that feel distinctly not futuristic, like Nathan and Luke getting a fancy tour of Manhattan that involves being carried around on iPads strapped to Nora and Aleesha’s chests, though maybe that kind of thing wouldn’t seem normal just yet. Aleesha took advantage of the opportunity to keep Luke enthralled by turning the camera the other way, and Luke seemed most unintentionally excited by her dance routine. I liked Nora’s response to Nathan commenting on the amount of onions she was eating, and it was also interesting to see the A.I. Guy express such fascination with the outside world. What Nathan and Nora discovered about Freeyond only being prevalent in swing states where they could get poor communities to upload en masse is quite dark, and it makes this show feel a lot more serious. The other big reveal was only relevant to Nathan but still carries about as much weight for this series, and it came after Ingrid was overjoyed to be accepted as a mother in Lakeview following her disastrous performance at the start of the interview and the very fact that she was lying about being dead to be with Nathan as the selfless act that put her over the top. But learning why she’s been doing it – so that she can insert Nathan back into a body and they can be together – is far more disturbing, and I think he’ll be far too distracted by his bigger problems to even start to suspect that this could be his future.

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